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Re:Bon Voyage

From: Bernard S. Cayne <>
Date: 21 Jul 1998
Time: 10:50:21
Remote Name:


I wish you Bon voyage, Good Luck, and Good Weather. Received your itinerary and will share with HMC and CEL. Love and peace from DOD, FOP (Friend of Ponceby).

Last changed: July 07, 2002

poem for steve fossett

From: claudia frizzo
Date: 07 Jul 2002
Time: 13:39:29
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poem for steve fossett STEVE FOSSET - ADVENTURER By Claudia Frizzo He flies high in the sky, a man of vision, driven by the icy winds of fate Alone, straddling heaven and earth, streaking through clouds at unbelievable speeds, and unknown altitudes Not knowing whether he lives or dies, yet knowing for certain - he survives He always survives The spirit of man he embodies Risking, taking life to the limitless space beyond The soul of the angels he portrays. To inspire all to greatness Breaking boundaries, shattering barriers, expanding horizons in a daring challenge to all Moving from the mundane to grandeur He speaks to our soul: Be all that you can be, all that you can dream, limited only by a boundless imagination He lives the dreams we can share Inspires each to move out of a circumscribed existence, to burst out of lives of quiet desperation To a boundless world, of colour and brightness, a kaleidoscope of daring, an adventure of the soul He moves us to be bigger than we thought, and greater than we ever dreamed. Some said, what a waste of time Give the money to relieve poverty There is a greater poverty than that of money There is the tragedy of a limited life going nowhere, never moving out its daily round of monotony There is the wretchedness of soul and spirit, never growing, never daring, never living… To entrap and bind the human spirit is to lose the essence of humanity, and divinity And condemn it to a static, stagnant world. Loose your bonds, release the control, escape the deadening trap Follow him, a living dream who shows the way Just be who you really are. His message is his example This man speaks for the gods. And when the time of reckoning comes, you can say – I was a good little person and followed the rules, and stayed within bounds. Did I do good? And he can say – I tested the limits; I lived life to the full. I know I did good.