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CQ, CQ, where are you?

From: Eddie Bob Brown
Date: 21 Jul 1998
Time: 15:16:13
Remote Name:


Hi guys. I hope this message finds you in Honolullu, and that you had a great flight! Eddie Bob...the guy that put the extra tanks in Ponceby.

Last changed: July 23, 2002

You and your frivilous spending!

Date: 23 Jul 2002
Time: 07:03:23
Remote Name:


First of all, I seriously doubt that you will ever personally see this! That is due to the fact that one of your staff will intercept this in order that you only see good news and nothing critical of your endeavors. Typical party line I would say! Regarding the latest of your fantastic voyages reported by the news media. That you are now attempting to glide higher than any one else has. Bravo!!! That does so much to help those lesser fortunate individuals of the world, that they will sleep easier knowing that you are breaking another record. Totaling all of your expense from the previous balloon trips and now this glider gimmick, how many people do you think that money could have benefited? Spending Fifty Thousand dollars on a helmet is terrific, have you ever thought that maybe your money, time and effort would be put to better use? With all the issues of disease, housing and poverty in the United States, you would think that that money would be better utilized by helping those countryman of yours that are in need? Granted, it is your money and you can do with it what you will. But, doesn’t it bother you to know that you could do so much more with it than just set records? If you are in fact contributing some of your money to organizations and those people that help others, have the media cover that! That is very news worthy !! In doing so you will be setting a precedent that others can attempt to surpass! But of course, this is only our opinion. We are not people with stardom or notoriety, just common everyday folks that see your endeavors as wasteful and without purpose. Yes, there is the scientific side to look at, but that is why our nations tax dollars are spent on NASA and other exploration companies. Respectfully, Gary & Viki Nichols