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Re: New Flash!

Date: 21 Jul 1998
Time: 17:32:18
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so the funnyest discussion this morning while we were waiting for john and doug to take off.

After departure from San Jose:

N898WW: San Jose Departure, king air 898ww request flight following landing Honolulu,

ATC: 98WW squawk 1234, Radar contact 2 miles from San Jose

(3 minutes later out over the ocean ((its a fast plane))

ATC: 98WW radar service terminated squawk VFR resume own navigation Honolulu airport should be at your 12oclock at 12,000 miles... have a good flight.


Last changed: December 16, 2002

what College is my best choice for a pilot career

Date: 16 Dec 2002
Time: 23:36:59
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My name is Joshua Manard and i am a freshmen Aviation Major,, i want to switch schools i would liek ot know what college would be my best bet.. for me to become a professional pilot??????? if u could give me a list thanks JOshua Manard