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LATEST NEWS Friday, July 24

From: Milton Hare
Date: 24 Jul 1998
Time: 18:18:56
Remote Name:


Ponceby WW98 Trip Fans,

(information current as of July 24, 5:00pm PST)

Since we haven't heard from our dynamic duo for a couple of days, I contacted the flight service to get the latest:

Here are their answers to my questions:

1. No - it does not appear that they are feeding the sharks yet.

2. Yes - they are pretty close to Howland Island (AKA THE LAST KNOWN DESTINATION OF AMELIA EARHART!!!).

just kidding... actually they are about 15 degrees south of Howland Island, which is on the Equator, and pretty much in the middle of nowhere...

It turns out that they have departed Christmas Island and are enroute to Apia, West Samoa.

According to their flight plan, they will land in 45 minutes (as of 5:45pm PST) at Apia. I don't know if they are planning to continue on to Fiji today or not - I guess we will find out when they get the chance to send in their update.

Sorry we've gotten no information for a while - I'll try to work out a system for more regular updates, probably via the flight service. It is possible that some of these mid-Pacific islands don't have their own ISP's (or touch tone phone service, for that matter) yet.

- Milt

Last changed: July 24, 1998