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Re: Christmas Island Thoughts

From: Doug Cayne
Date: 25 Jul 1998
Time: 12:42:41
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Thanks, Ed.

Christmas Island worked fine. We'd called ahead, and they were expecting us, even though it was just around sunset. The customs guy was very friendly, and gave us a lift to the Captain Cook Hotel in his pickup. I'll send me write up in a little while.

We haven't had a repeat of the fuel venting. We started a new procedure, running only on the mains until we level out in cruise, having burned down at least 100 lbs. of fuel per side. Then we turn on the aux transfers, burn them down to 100 lbs. using 3/4 of the tank, and then start ferry transfer. Transfer up to 250 lbs., then turn off the ferry transfer and come back down to 100 lbs. a side before transferring again. Seems to work pretty well. And most importantly: no venting. All is working fine now, but still a little busy. At least it gives us something to do. Of course, invariably, just as we are about to take our fuel data and begin a transfer, ATC pesters us to estimates... :)

Yes, it does seem to transfer a little faster to the left than to the right, but not so much that we feel a need to do much about it. We've been lucky with tailwinds so far, and have landed everywhere with 2-1/2 to 3 hours of fuel remaining. The right wing typically takes maybe 100 lbs. more than the left (from the uneven flow), but that's a small percent of a total 4000 to 5000 lbs. fuel load. So we're pretty happy with it. Might try not opening the Left supply valve fully and see if we can make it a little more even.

Thanks for the input! --Doug

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