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Re: WAY COOL site upgrades!

From: Milt
Date: 12 Aug 1998
Time: 06:44:48
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Glad you like the upgrades. What course did you take from Muscat to Amman? Actually, it would be nice to get course lines for the entire trip (somehow) - Brian and I are having to guess on the course lines thus far (no charts, no info). You'll note that the course lines are either straight (world map) or big, curving 'hops' (current position globe). This is to disguise our lack of info re exact routes - I would have preferred precision, although I suspect most of the routes have been straight lines anyway. If you took screen shots of your flight planning software with course lines, that would do the trick. Alternatively, you could supply us with lat/long of major waypoints (if course deviates from a straight line). Processing the satellite imagery is much more manageable with lat/long info (otherwise, it takes numerous steps to identify a location and determine it's lat/long based on geographical features. Brian had Webbnet set up Access Panda site tracking software on Monday - great stuff. It shows activity going back to the beginning. We got over 800 hits yesterday alone! (the counter on the main page shows hits only on that page - I'll try to work with Brian so we show better stats on ths site...). Brian has been working hard on the site upgrades - it's great to have his enthusiastic support. He's been able to do everything we've come up with so far - exciting stuff. Send lots of photos - they're great! - Milt

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