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Approach to Amman

From: Richard Leute
Date: 14 Sep 1998
Time: 18:44:05
Remote Name:


It was interesting to read your approach into Amman and your assessment of the malfunction. I believe I had a similar incident in my Bonanza when flying the ILS into Oxnard. In the aircraft everything look just fine. The needles on the HSI and glideslope were centered and there was no flag to cause any worry. When I broke out at 500ft there was no airport in front of the aircraft. I called the tower and was advised the I was 3/4 of a mile offsett from the airport and was asked to climb immediately and go around. On the next approach I hit the centerline of the runway dead on. This made me quite concerned. After returning home I called King (Raytheon) which took the manner in a cavalier fashion telling me that I had problem, while I thought there might be a software bug or something like that. LAC worked on the matter and found crimp on a connector in the tail section which was not perfect. Since the repair I have not had a reoccurrence of the phenomenum.

So in my case there was another explanation than a malfunction of the ILS. Maybe this can shed a different light on your problem.

John and Doug, I enjoyed very much your log and wish I could have been part of the experience.


Richard Leute

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