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life and times,and the Albatross

Date: 25 Aug 2000
Time: 11:40:01
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Hello John,my name is James Craig.I believe you are the same John I met/used to see at the Sky Sailing Airport back in the 80's.I was good friends with Tom Grundherr (who is a fighter-jock and whom you probably still keep in contact with), and Dennis Vorphal was a good friend as well.(I took several glider lessons back in the early 80's but my stopped because my real fascination was/is with powered flight.(I learned to fly the Cessna 152 in 1994,and obtained several solo flying hours;then quit soon after because of financial reasons at the time).As far as College is concerned,I took a couple of semesters in 89-90,and returned this year.My objective now is to get my A&P licenses.To change the subject,I met Reid Dennis back in 1984,and got to fly in his Grumman Mallard to Lake Berryessa;it was an amazing flight!!7 touch and go's off the lake!!!and I could keep going with choice words to describe the experience.Well anyway I haven't seen Reid since then (except when he started his journey around the world in 1997;you see I was one the well wishers in the audience on that beautiful March day).To make a long story short,I just recently purchased a decent computer and got Online and wanted to contact Reid to find out when you guys are going to fly the Albatross again, so I could get some video of it.I found your website by mistake,and it's fabulous what you have accomplished John!!!I've been a flightsim 2000 cyber-pilot the past couple of months,and it is tremendous what people are coming out with.I even downloaded a decent FS6 G-111 recently, that I put moving parts on, using an aircraft animator program.At any rate please give me Reid's e-mail address so I can contact him personally or like I said,let me know when you are going to fly the Albatross out of Livermore,because it really would be phenominal if I could have the sight and sounds of this beautiful aircraft at my discression on video.Well John,I hope to see you and Reid again;it would be a great honor to greet, and talk with you guys in person sometime.Well John their is so much more aviation related stuff I could write about,I could go on, and on, you can tell I'm a typical aviation buff with knowledge of the subject matter;I'm no aeronautical Engineer,but I know have the capacity upstairs to become one if I had the money,and the deterministic drive for that matter!!! It's been great to be able to communicate with you John,like Capt.Tom G.(pun intended),I knew you would make it big in Aviation!!!By the way,if you know Tom's web address,please e-mail it!!!Take care, Godspeed,and hope to talk to you in person sometime. James M. Craig

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