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      Epilogue   Boulder to San Jose


"Double Whiskey arriving at the San Jose Jet Center"


Back in San Jose, there is lots of unpacking, mounds of mail to sort through, and a move back to Berkeley for John (accomplished the night of our arrival).

"Offloading Double Whiskey..Thanks to Brian and Milt for your help"


Ponceby’s radar must be serviced; it had stopped working in Bangor, Maine. Transponder gremlins must be ferreted out, and most importantly, the ferry tanks must come out. We’re excited by the prospect of having a spacious interior again. Initial detanking is accomplished at Tac Alert 3, the former Castle Air Force Base hanger where the Yak has lived over the summer. The tanks come out in less than an hour, considerably less time than the Yak requires to get airborne (it had drained its entire 5 gallon oil supply on the hanger floor in our absence).

"Double Whiskey at Tac Alert 3 for initial detanking"


"Doug beginning tank disassembly"


"Glad to finally have these tanks out of the airplane"


Ponceby returns to San Jose where the interior has been stored at LAC Avionics. After Doug initially refits the interior, Woodland Aviation of Davis, California removes the last of the ferry tank plumbing and reseals the pressure vessel. Ponceby also gets a well deserved bath and interior detailing, and cleaned up, he seems a new airplane.

"Detanked, the cabin feels spacious again"


We finally have a sense that Round-the-World 98 is complete with the delivery of Double Whiskey to his new home at the Reno-Tahoe airport where he will be based for a few months. A formation flight up with the Bonanza finally allows a few inflight pictures.

"Doug flying Ponceby to a temporary home in Reno. Thanks to Lilly Spirkovska for photographer chores"


" Under the wake...must have been a telephoto!"


Thanks to so many who have helped make this flight a success. In particular:

  • Brian Choate whose yeoman efforts created and continue to sustain this website.
  • Milton Hare who served as our principle communications "node" and contributed heavily to the website’s success.
  • Jim Lafferty who found Ponceby for us.
  • Jim Robinson, Steve Frost, the San Jose Jet Center, and especially Louis who helped out with some stuck, check valves very late on a Friday night shortly before departure.
  • Loyd Nesbitt and Darrel Strachen and everyone at LAC Avionics who have helped throghout this trip’s conception and execution.
  • Fred Sorensen, Ed Brown, and Vic Koss for the ferry tank installation which worked reliably for many hours beyond the normal requirements of a ferry flight.
  • The Green Team at Universal who were able to arrange landing and overflight permits seemingly at a moment’s notice.
  • Nick Ulman, Rich Acuff, and Lilly Spirkovska who served as copilots and clerks in the pre-trip flight testing phase.
  • Chris Zanette for arranging aircraft insurance for a very unusual trip.
  • The Polisars for a very comfortable house in Israel.
  • The Cayne’s, Hazony’s , and Welch’s for hospitality on the road.
  • Raam Shaoul (Israel) and Loyd Nesbitt (California) for the delivery of a very rare and much needed transponder.
  • Reid Dennis for excusing John from his normal piloting chores for a few months.
  • Linda Lorenzetti for aerial taxi services and,
  • Ron Sanow for great advice on King Airs.
  • Bob Burnette and Cary Wangelin of FlightSafety International for getting us up to speed (even before we had the aircraft).

and to all who have contributed to the website via discussion, E-Mails, or just following along. It’s been a pleasure to share this trip with you.

"Tailwinds and Ad Astra"


Satellite data provided by The Living Earth Inc./Earth Imaging 1996, All Rights Reserved.

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Departure San Jose, CA
Leg1 San Jose, CA to Honolulu, HI
Leg2 Honolulu, HI to Christmas Island, Kiribati
Leg3 Christmas Island, Kiribati to Apia, Western Samoa
Leg4 Apia, Western Samoa to Nadi & Matei, Fiji
Leg5 Nadi & Matei, Fiji to Port Vila, Vanuatu
Leg6 Port Vila, Vanuatu to Cairns, Australia
Leg7 Cairns, Australia to Darwin, Australia
Leg8 Darwin, Australia to Singapore
Leg9 Singapore to Male, Maldives
Leg10 Male, Maldives to Muscat, Oman
Leg11 Muscat, Oman to Amman, Jordan
Leg12 Amman, Jordan to Tel Aviv, Israel
Leg13 Tel Aviv, Israel to Valletta, Malta
Leg14 Valletta, Malta to Gibraltar
Leg15 Gibraltar to Cascais, Portugal
Leg16 Cascais, Portugal to Santa Maria, Azores
Leg17 Santa Maria, Azores to St. John, Newfoundland, Canada
Leg18 St. John, Newfoundland, Canada to Bangor, ME
Leg19 Bangor, ME to Danbury, CT (to see Doug's folks)
Leg20 Danbury, CT to Meadville, PA (to see John's folks)
Leg21 Meadville, PA to Boulder, CO
Leg22 Boulder, CO to San Jose, CA
Epilogue Epilogue
  Current position of Ponceby.

Satellite data provided by The Living Earth
Inc./Earth Imaging 1996, All Rights Reserved

The E90 King Air "Ponceby"

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